Please install both of the Visual C++ 2017 runtime. The hack requires these to load.

Q: What is the best Injection method to use?
A: Manual map.

Q: Is game owner a good injector to use?
A: That is a very public injector and the injection method is Load Library. No

Q: Can I still get VAC banned with a manual map injector?
A: Yes you can. Play on accounts you don't care about. (F2P accounts)

Q: What is the recommended settings for Xeno Injector?

Q: What is the recommended settings for Extreme Injector?
A: - Do not use any scrambling!

Q: What is the best way to use Extreme Injector?
A: Launch it in secure mode and use the manual map injection method.

Q: Xeno's gave an error code! Help!
A: If the error code is 0x000138 that means you're missing the C++ runtime library for the cheat. (which is C++ 2013 runtime)
as for other error codes. I do not have an answer sorry.

Q: The hack doesn't load!
A: Disable your anti-virus software and try again.

Q: The game crashes as soon as I inject!
A: The cheat may be out of date. However, if your injector tries adding "protection" to the cheat. Disable it as it will cause crashing issues.

Q: Where can I download Xenos injector at?
A: Here -> List of injectors

Q: Does the VAC Bypass Injector really bypass VAC?
A: No it doesn't.