An anti-aim is designed to make another aimbot miss your head. Or legits..

Anyways lets get started on pitch anti-aims.


The types!
clamped * A pitch angle that is with in the -89 / 89 bounds of the pitch angle!
angles: up, half up, zero, down

unclamped * A pitch angle that is above/below the -89 / 89 bounds of the pitch angle. But an unclamped angle doesn't fake your pitch at all. However, unclamped angles can be used on certain cheats to trick their AAA code to rotate your pitch.
angles: up, down

fake * Fakes your pitch angle. Using the settings below. People would see me looking up while I was actually looking down.

real angles: up, half up, zero, down
fake angles: up, down

rotation * This is just a normal rotation. No faking what so ever!

spin * Pretty obvious by the name!
spin is * Is your spin real? Or fake?!
angle type * The angle that isn't supposed to be spinning.
spin is: fake
angle type would control the real angle.

directional * A fake yaw version of rotation!

real view, 45, 90, 135, 180, -135, -90, -45,
fake view, 45, 90, 135, 180, -135, -90, -45,

180 fake would be
  real: -90
  fake: 90
  real: 90
  fake: -90

legit anti-aim would be like
   real: -90
   fake: view
   real: 90
   fake: view

custom * By the name of it you should know!

Alright, custom yaw anti-aim! Sweet stuff! I'll explain the "methods" only because everything else explains itself pretty well.

method * How the anti-aim behaves.

static * Your angle is static which means it doesn't move.
rotation * Your angle is rotated by the value selected.
follow * Your angle will follow the closest enemy player.
add * Will add to your angle by X value.
subtract * Will subtract from your angle by X value.

jitter method * How should the jitter work?!
rand - Windows random number generator.
source engine - Uh duh? The source engine's random number generator.