Time to explain how each hack vs hack feature works!

Extra Settings
What is a fake / real angle?
When you use an anti-aim for pitch like fake down. People will see you looking down while on the server you're actually looking up. Sounds easy to understand right? Lets say the same for yaw. Your real yaw is -90 and your fake is 90. People on the server will see you looking at 90 while really your yaw is -90.
epic tip: Your real yaw always jitters on the server!!

Enable * Enables the pitch / yaw anti-aims.
Pitch enable * Enables the pitch anti-aims.
Yaw enable * Enables the yaw anti-aims.

auto direction * Hides the selected angle behind the wall.

visualize * Will draw arrows or an epic submarine radar anti-aim real / fake for your yaw real / fake

Green is REAL
Red is FAKE

https://puu.sh/DSqzo.png - Submarine radar.
https://puu.sh/DSqzR.png - Arrows.

Clamp Pitch * Will clamp your pitch angle with in the -89 / 89 angle range. Which means all unclamped / fake pitches will be uh "disabled".


protect real enable * An option that toggles anti-collision and other real protection features.

anti collision * Enables the anti angle collision.
type * Which angle should avoid the other angle?
anti collision by * How much degrees before the angle should move out of the away!!
https://puu.sh/DSqEk.pngMissing an i after the l

yaw choke * Control how many packets are choked for your fake yaw.
(Not recommended)disable yaw packet choking * Disables packet based anti-aims. Non packet yaw anti-aims should never be used unless you clearly know what you're doing!

cycle key * When set and on key press it will switch around your real / fake settings.

real: 90
fake: -90
real: -90
fake: 90

force unchoke on attack * When enabled it will force an unchoke when you attack. However when disabled it will queue your shot until the cheat has to force an unchoke.

advanced mode * When enabled you'll be able to set pitch / yaw anti-aims when you're Standing, Moving or In Air.