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Improvements / Misc changes.
(*) Reworked backtracking.
+ Updated certain windows to have text separating certain features.
+ Updated first launch setup. * Now applies default settings.
+ Updated accuracy limiter.
+ Updated UI scheme and also changed the top panel.
+ Changed chams to disable on certain players if they are ubercharged.
+ Changed 'auto' anti-anti-aim logic.
+ Changed custom yaw values to add/subtract by 45 rather than 1.
+ Chams now render far away.
- Removed the tick numbers on the backtrack visualizer.
- Removed the in-game chat notifications.

- Fixed an issue where local player backtrack visualizer wouldn't work if you pulled out a projectile weapon.
- Fixed crashing issues related with followbot and crit hack.
- Fixed various issues with the config system. (you'll get the first launch setup again)
- Fixed an issue with sniper rifles and anti-aims.
- Fixed anti-aim choking adding the fakelag value when the option was on inair but you weren't in air!
- Fixed an issue where your anti-aim would entirely turn off if you attacked with the minigun before spinning it up.
- Fixed UI help text box being improperly sized.
- Fixed armor esp color not being affected by timeout esp.
    Note: The whois text was designed to ignore the timeout esp fade and i'm also aware of the health bar being immune to fading!

- Fixed spy cond option set on 'both' not working properly.
- Fixed anti-collsion working on non fake yaw anti-aims.

+ Added New option for playerlist "force duck state".
+ Added New pitch antiaim option called onshot.
+ Added New resolver option to toggle yaw corrections when a person is choking a certain amount.
+ Added option to turn off yaw choking + with a key bind to toggle it.
+ Added removed back track option legit and replaced it an option.
+ Readded the old custom killsay system.








"+ Added New option for playerlist "force duck state"."
wtf is there fakeduck in tf2 now??

Last edited by jp4 (Jun 2 2019 01:42 am)


FAKE DUCK i seen


jp4 wrote:

"+ Added New option for playerlist "force duck state"."
wtf is there fakeduck in tf2 now??

Last edited by jp4 (Yesterday 06:42 am)

To my knowledge there is 1 person that has a sort of "fake-duck", hence why this even exists, just incase it becomes public so there's a sort of fix for it.

8 …
nice "+ Changed 'auto' anti-anti-aim logic."


yes the AAA kinda broken :(


also aaa can sometimes jitter players yaw, when players yaw in reality clearly doesn't jitter at all.

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You are here » Lithium Cheats » Changelogs » 06/01/2019