This file contains important settings for that game. Now lets get into it!

disable_convar_creation=0   - Disables lithium convar creation.
disable_convar_spoofing=0  - Disables lithium convar spoofing.

handle_config_first=1 - If zero then the cheat will do the "first launch" tutorial again.

STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXXXX=1 - Used to detect if you're on a New account and will pop up a window asking if you want to unlock achievements.

tracker_player_kills=XXX - How many kills you have gotten in that game.
tracker_player_deaths=XXX - How many times you have died in that game.
tracker_player_raged=XXXX - How many players you have ran into.
tracker_player_servers=XXX - How many servers you have played on.

These are UI positions which are saved when you move that exact window around.
[World8] (pure example)