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+ Rewritten  UI.
  (+) Rewritten config system.
  (*) Reworked Core features and multi-game support.
  - All games that are supported are now stable.

+ Aimbot
  - Removed bullet time option.
  - Removed traceray uses hitboxes.
  - Removed small hitboxes.
  - Removed ignore hoovy.
  - ignore deadringer held is now just ignore deadringer.
+ Added crit hack.
   - Works with pistols and miniguns.
+ Added followbot.
   - lobby commands.
   - friends only mode.
   - medic bot options and such.

+ Anti-Anti-Aim Rework.
   - Removed dumb yaw resolving.
   - Removed use hitangle for yaw.
   - Removed override keys.
   - AUTO will now cycle through certain pitch angles before switching yaw.
   - The AUTO option for yaw will apply different corrections depending on how the player's angle changes.
   + Added CUSTOM AAA configs.
   + Added playerlist option to override the global anti-anti-aim setting for a player.
   + Added playerlist option to build a CUSTOM AAA pattern per player.

+ Triggerbot.
   - Removed auto uber.
   - Fixed auto airblast not reflecting burning players.
   + Added option to reflect enemy players.

+ Playerlist Rework.
   - The resolver option saves now.
+ Added whois option which can be used to give certain players identifiers.
     * Players who votekick you or your friend will receive the "RAGED NERD" identifier.
     * Players who use invalid angles will receive the "UNKNOWN CHEATER" identifier.
     * If a player joins with UNKNOWN CHEATER or an identifier relating to that the cheat will notify you and your party.

+ Radar Rework
   - Removed non player icons.
   + Added lock view.
+ Fakelag Rework
   + Added peek fakelag.
   + Added avoid ground fakelag.
+ Config system Rework
   - The options are now buttons to select a config!
   + Added warnings to certain features that are enabled!

+ Hack vs Hack improvements.
     + Added speed controller which can be used to slow peek noobs.
     + Added anti-collision for anti-aims.
     + Added add/remove on shot for fake yaw.
     + Added auto direction.
  + Visuals
     - Ditched the source engine's ConPrintfNX function. Now using my own version here: (
     - Removed dlights.
     - Removed SteamID esp.
     - Removed line of sight esp.
     - Removed the "don't draw team players" feature.
     - Removed information panel.
     - Removed valve employee esp.
     + Added game stats.
     + Added filled box esp.
     + Added player, sentry, dispenser, teleporter, ammo, healthpack, hands and weapon chams.
       - Styles are FLAT, TEXTURE and WIRE FRAME.
       - Hidden colors for the teams can be changed.
     + Improved condition ESP and now certain conditions are color coded.
       - Also added an AFK timer.
     + Added extra options for distance and weapon esp.
       - Distance ESP can now display Hammer units or in meters.
       - Weapon ESP can now display detailed or basic information.

+ Panels
    (*) Reworked aimbot target panel, player warning panel, lag compensation state panel.

+ Cheater alert Rework
    + Added detection type options again.   
    + Added suppress known cheater chat messages.
    + Added option to toggle known cheater esp.

+ Misc
    + Added vote information.
    + Added class change notifications.
    + Added kill feed memes.



:cool: very nice!



o wtf crithack thx for making me install tf2 again thank u thank u




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time to use lithium again



thanks for the update. the stats option is awesome



Very, very nice! Super!






jesus is still here


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You are here » Lithium Cheats » Changelogs » 05/01/2019