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Fix some issues with the current build but also with some improvements.

* Aimbot
   - Fixed ignore vaccinator not working in certain cases.
   - Fixed aim traceray filtering enemy players.

* Anti-Anti-Aim
  - Fixed 180 STATIC yaw correction not working.
  - Added 'half up' pitch correction.

* Anti-Aim
  - New pitch / yaw system.

* Backtrack
  - Fixed performance issues related to back tracking.
  - Fixed backtracking storing invalid positions in rare cases.

* Visuals
  - Removed sound esp bah bah.
  - Fixed dormant esp not working on ammo / health kits.

* Radar
  - Fixed icons being hidden by the main panel.

* Misc
  - Fixed crashing related to the 'NEWLINE' chatspam option.

* Counter Strike: Source
    - Fixed issue in servers with more than 32 players where the Aimbot / ESP would ignore certain players.

* Fistful of frags changes
    - Fixed radar having TF2 projectile visuals.

* Bug reporters for Nov 1st, 2018 build.
     masterheroit * Awarded the 'awesome' esp.

I would also like to point out I didn't plan on releasing the New aa system but turns out the oldest build I could find was the one where I started redoing it so uh there probably won't be any issues but... I can't really say yet.


+1 Great Update!




nice thank you


just played with it and... well, nice, i'd say.
here's the little suggestion:
make fake-yaw lines outlined


by the way., aimbot will teleport you if you have fakeyaw enabled! (because fakelag in it)

if fakeyaw is disabled, and fakelag with "disable on shoot" enabled, it's mostly okay.


"aimbot will teleport you" what are you talking about haha


czcv333 wrote:

"aimbot will teleport you" what are you talking about haha

In most cases when you shoot the game does a stutter/ or lag and makes your pitch and yaw look @ the enemy player, causing you to die.


czcv333 wrote:

"aimbot will teleport you" what are you talking about haha

i mean it will lag you like hell.
aimbot targets someone, shoots, some weird ass magic happens, and on your side you are teleporting everywhere(but at others player side you just walk around and miss all the shots), and because of that lag aimbot cant do shit.


sounds like this update was rushed out. thats pretty big bug then

You are here » Lithium Cheats » Changelogs » 12/18/2018