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11/27/2018 - development

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Hello there guys! It's me the DurRud!

I've been working on the cheat for about a few weeks obviously... Doing some good changes.

I've rewritten the entire UI so it's based upon the original idea I had I've done this because the old menu was getting a bit messy and with the increasing customization that issue wasn't going to stop.

Most of these screenshots were from the 21 to 24th ish date so more stuff has been included into the cheat since then.

Here's a preview of the color window.

Here is the playerlist windows and such.

Here is it inaction! It is missing certain features but those will be readded obviously

Here's the visual windows!

Here is an entire preview of what the menu looks like.

Whenever you click on one of those little items on top it shows windows!! Green means it was selected

Preview of the windows.

I obviously do plan on doing more improving the visual aspect of the entire UI itself and I am taking feed back. So talk away! I'm thinking whether or not if I should increase the size of the windows because as you can see.
A bit over kill. Poor back tracking :(

Besides the UI changes.

This feature got some love.

Same with this feature.

Anti-Anti-Aim has a new option I wonder if you can spot it.

Here is a feature that people over rate the fuck out of.

The config tab is still boring numbers and I plan to keep that way :(

Hack vs Hack features

The best visuals in the world

I really hate putting release dates because I usually release shit whenever. But just in case! The longest wait would be like next month on the 3rd or something. Besides that I can't really iron out all of the bugs without people testing it so I'll bite the bullet and pick day where I am not busy because I'll probably be releasing a few hot fixes that day fixing whatever is broken.

As for YouTube I plan on uploading this video soon and then returning to hvh / normal content and maybe live streaming.



Great work!



looking good! keep up the great work. really like that the reslover has it's own tab



loving the new interface
keep up the good work sir!



looks good



Looks good mah dude, although the colors aren't really "eyecatching" if you know what I mean. For the rest everything looks good and I've never seen this menu style before! I hope other developers and pasters won't try and make this too.

Conclusion: From what I can tell you get a  8/10 from me.



for some reason i find this menu more confusing... add some little space between options maybe? (he already added it im blind lel, hmm... then lines? idk, i'm confused!) oh, and 3-color-scheme is not looking very nice, atleast change them to a nicer ones.

(also give text some space... please.)

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Thats alot of menu in 1 tab : , i think cover it into 1 menu looks better
Suggestion :
Wrap LC Hacker Detector With Playerlist would be nice . Plus adding recent played / Stored
Make some future (custom name , disconnect , skybox) available on menu
Hotkey tab



Do I see "Remove Conditions" noice one, Rud.



thanks rud, very cool!


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You are here » Lithium Cheats » Upcoming » 11/27/2018 - development