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Help at VMProtecting Xenos

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Hey guys  8-)

Lately I'm in doubt about the safest method to VMProtect a injector, in this case, Xenos. More specifically about which Functions should I add, and which Compilation Type should I use. I did some googling and I found a tutorial that suggests adding all functions, except these two bellow , and suggests using the Mutation option in the Compilation Type.

void asmjit::HostRuntime::flush(void *,unsigned __int64)
unsigned int asmjit::StaticRuntime::release(void *)

So, I'd really like to hear your opinion about it, and would be really grateful for any kind of help.

Thank you all.

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you can use "ultra" compilation type, which mutates the code and virtualizes it. select all functions(by holding shift and pressing at the start of the list and then at the end of it), unselect these two(because it wont compile), compilation type on ultra, compile, and you're good... I think.

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Disable optimizations for ASMJIT specifically, or the entire project.

"Lately I'm in doubt about the safest method to VMProtect a injector"



Choose entrypoint and use Ultra protection. Thats basicaly it for vmprotecting xenos



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