Alright, so this is quite new!
Less new talk and more feature and stuff talk.

So around this time I was working on making the convars save values and load them in.
As you can see those are the commands that will save their values now!

Yes there is 2 new commands being included in the new update.

Custom name is a very common feature for a lot of cheats. But so on.
Currently the way its enabled is by you setting a value to whatever and if you wish to disable it simply doing this
lithium_custom_name "" will disable it.

This is an old exploit which still works apparently. It pretty much spams the team name at round start / round end.
* There will be option in the misc tab to toggle this feature.

Also some changes to the watermark is expected!
Green text disappears when lithium_custom_name is set to nothing aka disabling it.

That being out of the way! I've done some good changes to the anti-anti-aim.

One of the issues I fixed was the yaw resolver just going full out on the first shot. So yes the yaw resolver should no longer rotate everybody instantly once the update is released. It now forgives 2 shots before starting the yaw resolver and this should give you time to correct people using shit anti-aims before trying to correct the real manly anti-aims.
I've made the anti-aim detection for yaw anti-aims have a timeout period so it doesn't spam 180 corrections and then disable the correction half a second later. Yes, I've made it so it requires an actual non packet fake sideways anti-aim or some other means of messing up resolving to uh trigger this. This is good so people rotating their angles constantly don't trigger the detection anymore.

Another spooky thing about the soldier! An ex-nc user told me that some nc dev told them to use real half up and fake up or fake down when playing as soldier. Yes, that actually would be effective since the half up angle is pretty much far enough from the up angle, the zero(center) angle and the down angle. Making it another effective pitch angle! But only for soldier. So, I made it so the auto pitch corrections will now force half up corrections on soldiers only.

This is for the people who really want material shit in the cheat. Yes, it's being worked on. But it won't be in the next update. I am improving all of the frame rate issues  and then making sure it works properly in all supported games.

And my other plans are adding TF2 based glow but we'll see.