Do not report if:

    - You get a message saying the cheat is out of date due to a game update.
    - If you injected another cheat alongside Lithium.

* The following information is required:

  * Game:
  * Build date: XXXX
  * Class (TF2 only):
  * Map:
  * Server Type: Community/Valve
  * Max player count:
  * Did you crash: Yes/No
  * When you crashed: Loading in the map, spawning in, dying, shooting, other. You need to elaborate on this issue, backtrace to the series of events that caused the crash.
  * A Pastebin link with the contents of your Lithium config:

  Not required, but should be included:
   * Server IP:
   * Server plugins (sm_plugins 11 in console to list):
   * Gamemode:
   * Weapon(s) used:
   * Custom content being used, huds and other types of mods are an example.

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