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Quality Of This Update.

86% - 19

9% - 2

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4% - 1

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Votes: 22


   * TF2
    -> Fixed birthday and halloween health/ammo packs not showing on ESP.
    -> Fixed no condition effect option not being visible in the menu.
    -> Fixed medic shield preventing the aimbot from targeting robots.
    -> Fixed sticky bomb esp not showing local player stickies.
	-> Fixed issue where building aimbot would not work unless the building was damaged.
   * Fistful of frags
    -> Fixed crashing when spawning in.
	-> Fixed log player damage not working.
   * CS:S
    -> Fixed crashing issue related to aimbot.
	-> Fixed a few issues related to ESP.
   * Half life: 2 / Synergy.
     -> Fixed crashing when shooting any NPC with aimbot.
	 -> Fixed a few entities not being marked on ESP.
	 -> Fixed the option "Projectile" showing in the world tab.
	 -> Note: Humans aren't marked on ESP for a reason!
   * For supported single player games.
	 -> Fixed layout positions tab showing in supported single player games.
	 -> Fixed certain layout fonts showing in supported single player games.
	* UI
	 -> Changed (main) UI theme font to be outlined again.
	 -> Fixed playerlist having an empty slot in the extra information section if you weren't playing TF2.
	 -> Fixed playerlist having too much space on the player's name in non TF2 builds.
    * Radar (For other games)
	 -> Fixed icon being messed up.
	 -> Fixed health bar being misaligned.
	* Radar (But for TF2)
     -> Added projectile boxes. (TF2 only)
   * Aimbot
      -> Improved disable on non lag compensated targets.
	  -> Improved ray tracing on every supported game!
   * Anti-Anti-Aim
      -> Renamed Pitch jitter bahbah to "Run anti-aim detection" * Will run code that will try and detect fake pitch jitters and non packet fakesideways.
	  -> Fixed issue relating to certain cheats causing the (non packet)fake sideways detection code to turn on and off resulting in yaw corrections failing entirely.
   * Backtracking
      -> Fixed a few issues with legit back tracking.
	  -> Fixed legit backtrack not applying the correct tick in some cases. (one of those 'few' issues)
	  -> The ticks your cursor is the closest to will turn purple.
	  -> Added melee support for legit backtrack.
      -> Removed check that limited the max time. * Means you'll have 200ms back tracking 24/7.
   * Visuals   
      -> Centered TOP / BOTTOM text positions.
      -> Added sound esp. (only worky in tf2 and will be fixed!)
	  -> Added footstep ESP. * This time it looks pretty.
   * Dlights
    -> Added player option.
    -> Added sentry option.
    -> Added dispenser option.
    -> Added teleporter option.
    -> Added healthpack option.
    -> Added ammopack option.
    -> Added projectile option.

    * Core
      -> Improved overall performance and stability.



Great Work!!! :cool:



10/10 Hot update



I hope that in the next update will half-life: source and deathmatch: source.



Nice update, I was already bored of the new TF2 update.



looks like a great update will test it out today!


You are here » LithiumCheats » Public changes » 09/27/2018