I'll say this now. I only speak the truth... Sounds retarded but nc devs keep changing shit to fit their agenda.

Q: Was nc the first cheat with anti-aims?
A: No, nc back in 2015 had no anti-aims only a spin bot option. However, nc did add anti-aims around late October / early November 2015 but were anti-aims that Lithium had.

Q: Is it true that you banned people that used nc for no reason?
A: No. People that use nc specifically people on the nc development team attempt to ruin my image by out right lying or taking certain events of out context. Most nc users that are banned were banned for being assholes / spamming.

Q: Do you really hate every nc user?
A: That's just another lie created by nc users that strongly dislike me. Seriously, would you trust me if you heard of the lies they spout out? I am friends with a few nc users.

Q: X dev and Y dev reversed your cheat back in 2015 and said it was pasted.
A: They simply dumped TF2 and looked at cheat strings in IDA and tried flexing their ego of finding proof my cheat is "pasted".
I would also like to point out the fact that he Y dev criticized me for forcing "bad network settings" yet he uses some of them.

Q: Did you really bully nc user?
A: Hell no. I thought we were good friends. But turns out he was just there for my cheat and on Feb 2nd 2016 he proved that theory.
He removes me and Felik and uh does this https://pastebin.com/3quZirTG obviously around the same week it happened he received nc developer build by begging Y dev for it.

Q: Why do you constantly insult nc for having bad anti-debugging yet you don't have any!
A: Because I'll rather focus on improving the cheat and making users happy than spend all my time on a retarded DRM. Getting dumped or cracked is inevitable.

Q: Was nc's AAA really "( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)".
A: I... wouldn't say.
No comment to be honest.

Images of nc devs "not caring" about lithium.



Here is some people you might know... Probably not..


Ah.. Irony

Classical baiting and you know who falling for it

Old shit

Yeah *** "totally" didn't use kavlin's darkstorm shit

Back to nc again

(Some idiot) having mommy issues

Nc tech support 101

Edgy much? Oh yeah back to not "caring"

Uh, you know who after he got rolled in speed hvh by Felik

Actually that only lasted an hour after it was noticed. no need to make it seem worse than it actually was.
And the RAT part is funny because nc knows what steam account you play on along with the game and server.

Yea because I clearly banned somebody for being bad with my cheat. Also good quote Azure.

Garbage meme

DICE mentions darkstorm and 2 nc kids go nuts