You should check out this page:

All bans are IP based bans.

- Bug reports: Bug reports

   - Name of the game.
   - Give details about the game. Like what map you were playing on or what class you were playing.
   - What point did you crash?
   - If certain entities aren't on the ESP and you're using the beta version then enable debug esp and take a screenshot of the entity.

   Game: TF2
   Server type: Community.
   Game mode: Control points
   Bug: when I joined this community server I crashed instantly when connecting! The IP of the server is
   Share your config file by using pastebin: *(This is not required but may help find the issue)

What voids a bug report.

  - Issues caused by injecting other cheats.
  - Issues caused by mods.
  - VAC detections.
  - SMAC detections.
  - Being bad with the cheat.

- You can give suggestions here: Suggestions

   - Do not suggest things that have already been suggested before.

- This forum is only used for reporting issues and giving out feedback. Posting anything that isn't based around this topic will only get you banned.

- Posts whether based on the "reporting issues or giving out feedback" topic. Is posted from a proxy or vpn connection. Will be kept if it does not break the rules. However, the IP address will be banned.

- There is no section for appealing bans on

- In case you're here to bring up private discord servers regarding your 'lithium bot'. I am no longer hosting those. I see no need for them. They were resource taxing upon updates and had stability issues. There is no need for special treatment.